About Us:

Dyehouse is an homage to the natural beauty of the West Coast. We create hand dyed, small batched textiles. Our goal is to bring an aesthetic to home goods through the lens of a fashion vernacular. We believe color can bring life and energy to a space and that the right textiles can transform an environment. We are all about finding affordable solutions to bring new vibrancy and enjoyment in your home using a few pops of color. Pillows are icing on the cake and can make all the difference in the world. 
With our designs, we strive to be that little detail in your home that offers joy in your surroundings; helping you achieve an aesthetic that fits your lifestyle. We accomplish that by being a boutique design studio that offers design and styling services, special textiles, and custom furniture. We create all our patterns in our studio in Atwater Village and our manufacturing partners are in Los Angeles. 

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